Germany players cover mouths in protest against FIFA clampdown

 24 Nov, 2022  by News Mashoor

The starting lineup of Germany posed with their right hands in front of their lips, and the photo quickly went viral on social media.

And the team's social media feed confirmed as Germany began their World Cup campaign against Japan

in Group E that the gesture was intended as a protest against FIFA's decision to forbid the "OneLove" armband 

that several European captains had been intending to wear in Qatar.

Nick Boettcher, a supporter of Germany, told CNN that it was "terrible" that FIFA had decided to prevent players from donning the armband.

Boettcher stated, "FIFA is making a lot of questionable judgments, so it's important that people speak up.

"Inside the stadium, England supporter Samir Cordell told CNN he was "over the moon" with the demonstration.

Harry Kane wearing it and getting the booking is what I would have hoped to see."

Only a few of Germany's starting 11 sported rainbow flags on their boots, notably Manuel Neuer, Thomas Müller, and lkay Gündoan.

Kane and Wales' Gareth Bale participated in their respective matches on Monday without wearing the "OneLove" rainbow armband.