Tiny Dog Jumps In Carved Pumpkin and He Lives There Now

Huxley, a 5-pound Pomeranian puppy, enjoys every moment of life.

According to Eugenia Chen, Huxley's mother, "He's the most gregarious, lively, joyous little child that I've ever met."

The tiny dog generally spends all of his time chasing tennis balls and puzzle toys, but Chen wanted to try something different this year.

She then made the decision to carve him a pumpkin that was the size of Huxley.

He found out that he had won the grand prize: a home built of food! He looked at his parents as they were now struggling to get him out of the pumpkin

Huxley determined right away that this pumpkin would be his new home, and no one could convince him differently, according to Chen's TikTok post.

To her surprise, the delighted dog came out just as readily as he had hopped in when she grabbed a dependable bag of treats to try and entice him outside.

For the remainder of the evening, Huxley played with (and consumed) his new pumpkin toy, establishing his newfound fixation with the enormous squash.

Huxley still adores pumpkins and has grown more confident as a result of learning how wonderful they are, according to Chen. "